Senior Design

Senior Design (BE 495 and 496) is a full year capstone project for Bioengineering. Student conceive, design, and develop a bioengineering project, whether a medical device, molecular biological therapeutic, or research tool. Projects are inherently interdisciplinary, and can involve biomaterials, electronics, mechanics, molecular biology, nanotechnology, and microfluidics.

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Senior Design 2019-2020

Complete list of Projects (including presentations, abstracts, and final papers)

Winners of the Senior Design 2020 competition:


relieVR is a bioresponsive virtual reality (VR) system for treating lower urinary tract dysfunction. This project was created by Nicole Chiou, Gabe DeSantis, Ben Habermeyer, and Vera Lee. RelieVR was the 2nd Place Winner of the 2020 International Johns Hopkins Healthcare Design Competition Digital Health Track and winner of the 2019 Berkman Prize for Innovation at Penn Engineering.


Relila is a 3-in-1 pad that provides hospital-level care into one discrete product for postpartum care, using novel biomaterials. It was developed by Alisa Bhakta (BE), Alexander Connor (BE), Lauren McLeod (BE), Alexa Murray (ESE), and Caroline Raquel (BE M&T). Relila also won 2nd place at the 2020 M&T Summit.


SchistoSpot, is a device by Alec Bayliff (BE), Bram Bruno (CIS), Justin Swirbul (CIS), and Vishal Tien (BE), which uses microfluidics, deep learning, and AI to automate the diagnosis of schistosomiasis. This team also won the "Pioneer Award" at Penn Health-Tech's Rothberg Catalyzer in 2019.