Course Highlights

BE 309/310: Bioengineering Modeling, Analysis, and Design I & II

The Bioengineering Modeling, Analysis, and Design (BE MAD) sequence is the core lab experience for Bioengineering students. Normally taken during the junior year, it draws together seemingly disparate topics from earlier course work, representing the breadth and complexity of Bioengineering. Each module requires extensive math, engineering, modeling & programming, data analysis, and writing.

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BE 495/496: Senior Design

Senior Design (BE 495 and 496) is a full year capstone project for Bioengineering. Student conceive, design, and develop a bioengineering project, whether a medical device, molecular biological therapeutic, or research tool. Projects are inherently interdisciplinary, and can involve biomaterials, electronics, mechanics, molecular biology, nanotechnology, and microfluidics.

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BE 570: Biomechatronics

Biomechatronics combines mechanical, electrical and computer engineering principles in the design of electromechanical systems as applied to human biology and includes orthopaedic, hearing, respiratory, vision and cardiovascular applications. Students go through a series of projects, and then carry out a final design project utilizing these building blocks.

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