Identity Kit

For all written material, the lab should initially be referred to as the "George H. Stephenson Foundation Bioengineering Educational Laboratory & Bio-MakerSpace", and tied to Penn Engineering. For example, "The medical device was developed in Penn Engineering's George H. Stephenson Foundation Bioengineering Educational Laboratory & Bio-MakerSpace." Alternatively, it can be referred to as the "George H. Stephenson Foundation Educational Laboratory & Bio-MakerSpace of the Department of Bioengineering at Penn Engineering."

Subsequent references can be "Bio-MakerSpace," "Stephenson Foundation Bioengineering Laboratory," or "Stephenson Lab."

When mentioning the lab in social media, it can be "Penn's Bio-MakerSpace (@PennBElabs)," and should also mention "@PennEngineering". For example, "We developed this assay at Penn's Bio-MakerSpace (@PennBElabs) at @PennEngineering." Note that these social media references are only available with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We encourage the hashtag, #LearnDesignInvent, when applicable, for social media posts referencing the lab.

The hashtag "#PennBElabs" can be used as well, along with #PennBioengineering, and #PennEngineering. This can be used for all social media channels.

The font for "BE Labs" cover picture is "Exo 2".

For presentations and merchandise which acknowledge the lab, please use this image:

The image is available with a black background here.

Laboratory pictures are available upon request to members of the Penn Engineering community.

Requests to use the lab for photographs are frequent and always welcome - Please contact the lab staff.

For references to Penn Engineering, please refer to their Identity Kit.