Identity Kit

For all written material (news articles, etc), the lab should initially be referred to as the "George H. Stephenson Foundation Bioengineering Educational Laboratory & Bio-MakerSpace", and tied to Penn Engineering. For example, "The medical device was developed in Penn Engineering's George H. Stephenson Foundation Bioengineering Educational Laboratory & Bio-MakerSpace." Alternatively, it can be referred to as the "George H. Stephenson Foundation Educational Laboratory & Bio-MakerSpace of the Department of Bioengineering at Penn Engineering."

Subsequent references can be "Bio-MakerSpace," "Stephenson Foundation Bioengineering Laboratory," or "Stephenson Lab."

References in posters and presentations can use the image below and can be referred to as "Stephenson Foundation Bioengineering Laboratory & Bio-MakerSpace".

When mentioning the lab in social media, it can be "Penn's Bio-MakerSpace (@PennBElabs)," and should also mention "@PennEngineering". For example, "We developed this assay at Penn's Bio-MakerSpace (@PennBElabs) at @PennEngineering." Note that these social media references are only available with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We encourage the hashtag, #LearnDesignInvent, when applicable, for social media posts referencing the lab.

The hashtag "#PennBElabs" can be used as well, along with #PennBioengineering, and #PennEngineering. This can be used for all social media channels.

The font for "BE Labs" cover picture is "Exo 2". The green color of the ring is #6ce100 / rgb (100, 225, 0).

For presentations and merchandise which acknowledge the lab, please use this image (The image is available vertically here and with a black background here):

Laboratory pictures are available upon request to members of the Penn Engineering community.

Requests to use the lab for photographs are frequent and always welcome - Please contact the lab staff.

For references to Penn Engineering, please refer to their Identity Kit.