Senior Design 2021

Senior design projects for the 2020-2021 academic year. The projects are organized by arbitrary team numbers.

Instructors: Brian DiPaolo, Sevile Mannickarottu, and David Meaney

TAs / Project Managers: Erin Anderson (BE PhD 2022), Sophie Burkholder (BE 2020, Masters 2021), Melanie Hilman (BE 2020, Masters 2021), & Vera Lee (BE 2020, Masters 2021).

Demo Day Highlights:

Project List:

Team 1 - reActiv

reActiv is low-cost wearable device that measures ground reaction force as well as knee angle to aid physical therapists in quantifying an athlete’s recovery from an ACL injury.

Team members: Amy Azaria, Thomas Borgese, Karen Dong, & Adam Richter

Abstract and Final Paper

Team 2 - EndoMagno

EndoMagno is a novel magnetic endoscopy probe that effectively grips metallic objects by interfacing with an endoscope.

Team members: Chloe Cho & Gillian Teitelbaum

Abstract and Final Paper

Team 3 - NoFib

NoFib is an at-home wearable for athletes with histories of atrial fibrillation or those recovering from ablation surgeries who wish to continue their workout regiment and track their cardiac recovery without needing to leave their residence.

Team members: Campbell Parker, Benjamin Pinheiro, Tyler Pizzico, Caleb Rogers, & Avinash Veluchamy

Abstract and Final Paper

Team 4 - Tula

Tula is a smart compression stocking platform to improve quality of life for people with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), a disease which causes fainting upon standing due to blood pooling in legs. Tula can predict a POTS attack through real-time heart rate monitoring and then prevent fainting using dynamic compression.

Team members: Miriam Glickman (MEAM), Ebtihal Jasim (CIS), Shreya Parchure, & Tiffany Tsang (CIS)

Grand prize winner of the Weiss Tech House Senior Design Pitch Competition for 2021 and a winner of a Berkman Opportunity Fund for 2021.

Abstract and Final Paper

Team 5 - RHO Therapeutics

RHO Therapeutics is a low-cost, wearable glove device that trains fine motor movements using a rehabilitative game that causes motor-mediated flexion and extension of the patient's hand to aid in chronic stroke rehabilitation.

Team members: David Bartolome, Ethan Boyer, Patrisia de Anda, Kelly Feng, & Jenny Nguyen

Semi-finalist in the Rice 360 Design competition for 2021.

Abstract and Final Paper

Team 6 - EarForce

EarForce aims to monitor fighter pilots' health during training and in-flight missions via a low-cost headphone system. The device collects physiological data through the ear and is compatible with existing pilot headphone systems.

Team members: Casey Colleran, Sofia Gonzalez, Gabrielle Leavitt, Maria Ovando Aguirre, & Nicholas Sifuentes

Abstract and Final Paper

Team 7 - IdentiFly

IdentiFly is a low-cost device which will provide labs with an easy to integrate way to automatically sort fruit flies by sex.

Team members: Armando Cabrera (MEAM), Ethan Chaffee (ESE), Zachary Lane (MEAM), Nicoleta Mahu (ESE), & Abum Okemgbo

Bioengineering Senior Design competition winner.

Abstract and Final Paper

Team 8 - TeleMedTree

TeleMedTree introduces a new level of telemedicine. It is an affordable precision-focused, at-home diagnostic kit to help immunocompromised individuals with respiratory conditions receive a high quality monitoring of their health that is on par or better than what is possible during an in-person visit.

Team Members: David Alanis Garza, Aurora Cenaj, & Raveen Kariyawasam

Winner of a Berkman Opportunity Fund for 2021.

Abstract and Final Paper

Team 9 - OtoAI

OtoAI is a novel digital otoscope that enables primary care physicians to take images of the inner ear and leverages machine learning to diagnose abnormal ear pathologies.

Team members: Yash Lahoti, Nikhil Maheshwari, Jonathan Mairena, Krishna Suresh, & Uday Tripathi

Bioengineering Senior Design competition winner, winner of a Wharton Venture Labs Innovation Fund Validation Phase Award for 2020, and winner of the Technology and Innovation Prize for Penn Engineering's Senior Design Competition.

Abstract and Final Paper

Team 10 - Synchro-Sense

Synchro-Sense is a device which detects when patients on ventilators are at maximum inhalation and triggers an X-ray image capture for accuracy.

Team members: Justin Blum, Raina Mittal, & Ruby Washington

Abstract and Final Paper

Team 11 - rUmVa

rUmVa is a cost-effective, autonomous robot that can quickly disinfect rooms by intelligently sanitizing high-touch surfaces and the air.

Team members: Yasmina Al Ghadban, Rachel Madhogarhia, Jeong Inn Park, Robert Paslaski, & Phuong Vu

Bioengineering Senior Design competition winner and winner of a Berkman Opportunity Fund for 2021.

rUmVa won the "Best Application Award" for the Medical Robotics for Contagious Diseases Challenge, as part of the Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics at Imperial College, London.

Abstract and Final Paper