Senior Design Judges 2021

Thank you to the judges for our 2021 competition!

Click on the judges' image to view their LinkedIn profile.

Jennifer Beecham (BE 2012, Masters BE 2012)

Associate Director of Marketing at Reata Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Michael Beecham (BE 2011, Masters BE 2011)

Partner at Petrichor Healthcare Capital Management

Sandeep Bhat (BE 1994)

@sandeepbhat (Twitter) | Life Sciences Executive | Consulting Leader | Entrepreneur | Bioengineer | Mentor | Coach

Lyle Brunhofer (BE 2014, Masters BE 2015)

Business Integration Manager at Accenture

Elizabeth Feeney, PhD (BE 2014)

Lab Research Analyst at Duke University

Joan José Martinez, PhD (BE 2009)

Technology Licensing Officer at Columbia University

Brianna Wronko (BE 2017)

Founder and CEO at Group K Diagnostics