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Lab Policies & Safety

  • The lab is available for general use during regular lab hours. During class hours which coincide with the regular lab hours, classes have first priority, but students can use any open bay or the projects room. However, during class hours, please keep voices down. The lab is NOT available outside of the regular hours, except for extended hours, scheduled classes, and events.
  • If you need specific equipment, supplies or procedure/protocol information, find them using the Equipment & Inventory link on this website. Make sure to review all of the literature available on the website. If you are unsure about anything, contact the Lab Staff. Note that lab sessions may not allow the use of equipment or supplies beyond those provided - consult your instructor, TA or Lab Staff if you are unsure.
  • All glassware and plasticware must be labeled using labeling tape. The exception are the tubes and cuvettes, all of which are disposable.
  • Clean up your area or equipment after you are finished with your work. Everything should be returned just as it was when you arrived. Clean up information is available here.
  • Dispose of all supplies and materials in appropriately marked areas or as directed by the Laboratory Staff. If you are unsure of where something is to be disposed, ask the Lab Staff. Details on disposal can be found here.
  • Eating and drinking are strictly prohibited in the laboratory, with the exception of Rooms 211 and 214. All food must be stored in a bag and placed in the spaces provided at the entrance to the laboratory.
  • Close-toed and close-heeled footwear MUST be worn at all times while inside the laboratory. If necessary, bring a pair to change with you.
  • All bags and coats MUST be stored in the cubbies under your lab bench. Aisles must be kept clear. 
  • Gloves and safety glasses MUST be worn when dealing with chemicals and animal parts. In certain cases, lab coats must also be worn. Check with the Laboratory Staff before working with any such items.
  • When soldering, safety glasses must be worn.
  • Gloves MUST be removed when using computers (ie. touching keyboards and mice).
  • In case of broken glass, please contact the Lab Staff immediately. Do not attempt to clean it up yourself.
  • In case of emergency, contact the Laboratory Staff, the Course Instructor or a Teaching Assistant immediately. Do not attempt to handle any emergency, even a minor cut, on your own. The Laboratory Staff will assist you with first-aid if necessary.