Laser Cutter Training

Before you can get access to the laser cutter in the lab, you first need a fully colored DWG file. To make sure that you posses the necessary CAD skills to create simple geometries we have a quick test.

Note: This procedure is identical to that used by MEAM. If there is a discrepancy, please let the Bioengineering Lab Staff know immediately. You can use your object to gain access to MEAM's RPL lab.

Use SolidWorks to create a model for this shape. You must add a couple of other things to your part. Use Arial font with 18 point size to:

1. Write your Full First Name centered on the top left-hand corner, 0.5'' away from the top edge and your Full Last Name in the bottom left-hand corner, 0.25'' from the bottom edge.

2. Write your PennCard Number centered on the top right-hand corner, 0.5'' away from the top edge.

3. Centered underneath your PennCard Number, put your Penn Card Version. This is the two digit number following your ID number and should generally start with a '0'.

4. Write your PennCard Expiration Date centered on the bottom right-hand corner, 0.25'' away from the bottom edge. Note: Expiration date is NOT the day that you will be attending the cutting session, or "today's" date...

Once you are done with your model, convert it into a 2D file.

Use the following color code:

1. Set the outline of your shape to RED

2. Set your name and PennCard info to YELLOW

3. Create a GREEN hatch for the raster area in the middle

In the end, your DWG file should look like this image.

5. Save the file on to a flash drive.

Go to the lab during normal or extended hours (with your flash drive) to request cutting your training object on the laser cutter. Lab staff will then enter your information into the laser cutter access list.