December 2018: Katherine Sizov of Strella Biotechnology, a start-up which begin in our lab wins Pitch competition at "The Pitch" [Podcast]

September 2017: Profile of InnoWorks outreach event [Article]

June 2017: Jaimie Carlson and her team's design wins competition to test on the ISS [Article]

April 2017: BE 309's CMI lab profiled in the BE blog [Article]

April 2017: Brianna Wronko's (BE '17) Senior design project launches as a startup [Article]

April 2017: Hey Day festivities carry on into the lab [Article]

February 2017: Junior BETA Day brings local middle school students to BE [Article]

January 2017: BE570 - Biomechatronics profiled [Article]

July 2016: The lab, in collaboration with Brian Chow's lab, welcomes the Franklin Institute STEM Scholars Program for a one-week synthetic biology session.

April 2016: Michael Magaraci (BE & Wharton 2013, BE PhD 2020), student in Brian Chow's lab, has paper published at ACS Synthetic Biology on a lab developed for BE310 [Paper]  

February 2015: iGEM awarded the PubCo Award for Best Natural Sciences and Research Article in a Penn Publication, for their epigenetic toolbox for synthetic biology

June 2015: BE 309's CMI Lab profiled by WHYY's The Pulse and NPR's Here & Now Show [Link with article, audio, & videos]

August 2014: Andrew Tsourkas profiled by Beta Pleated Chic on the GEMS (Girls in Engineering Math and Science) program activities in the lab [Article]

October 2013: Penn iGEM team wins national competition [Penn News]

October 2012: Penn iGEM team wins American East Regional competition [DP Story][Penn News]

October 2011 - Penn iGEM takes silver medal in competition [DP Story]