Biopac Sensors

A sample of most of the Biopac sensors are located in Locations 276 and 280. Others are available in Room 211 Skirkanich. If you would like to use something unavailable in Locations 276 & 280, please request it from the Lab Staff.

Biopac Sensors and InstrumentsPart NumberDescriptionLinks and Manuals
503 ElectrodesEL503For use with the SS2LB lead system. Adheres directly to skin; can be used with electrode prep gel.Specifications
AFT6 Airflow Transducer CalibratorAFT6Calibrates the SS11LA Airflow Transducer. Consists of a large syringe of a standardized volume. Specifications / App Note
Blood Pressure CuffSS19LMeasures systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A modified blood pressure cuff.Specifications / App Note
Electrode Prep Isotonic GelGEL1An electrolyte gel for use with 503 Electrodes.Specifications
EMG/ECG Shielded Electrode LeadsSS2LBShielded 3-Lead Electrodes (Red,White,Black) for EMG, EEG and ECG data collection. Specifications
Fast Response ThermistorSS6LMeasures temperature; can be used on a variety of body locations. Able to measure rapid changes.Specifications
Hand Dynamometer-Grip ForceSS25LAMeasures clench force. A lightweight, ergonomical force transducer that produces direct readings of grip force. Specifications
HeadphonesOUT1Wide response HI-FI headphones for the deliverance of auditory stimuli.. Interfaces only with Biopac and not through traditional headphone jacks. Specifications
Heel-Toe Strike TransducerSS28LARecord heel and toe strike activity as a subject walks. Specifications
Pnemotach Handheld Airflow TransducerSS11LAMeasures airflow, and can be used to measure lung volume. A digital version of the classical spirometer.Specifications / App Note
Pulse Plethysmogram TransducerSS4LARecords the blood volume pulse waveform via photoplethysmographic method. Consists of a near infrared emitter and a photodiode detector that detects the changes in infrared reflectance resulting from the pulsed flow of blood.Specifications
Push-Button Hand SwitchSS10LMarks an event or determine reaction time. When inserted into Channel 3, can be used as a trigger with headphones in the output channel. Specifications
Reflex Hammer TransducerSS36LMeasures strike magnitude; a force transducer coupled to a medical reflex hammer, the device gauges the strength of impact. Specifications
Respiratory Effort Transducer SS5LBRecords respiratory effort. Consists of a transducer on an elastic band that gauges the expansion and contraction of thoracic or abdominal circumference.Specifications
Single-Axis Goniometer (In-House)N/ASingle output device that provides measurements about an orhogonal rotational axis. Directly incorporates a B10kΩ linear potentiometer to produce the signal.  Specifications & App Note
StethoscopeSS30LMeasures and records heart sounds. Can be used in conjunction with SS4LA, SS19L, and/or SS2LB.Specifications
Tri-Axial AccelerometerSS27LMeasures accelerations in the x-,y-, and z-axes. Good for quick movements.Specifications / App Note
Twin-Axis Goniometer 110 mmSS20LDual ouput device that can provide simultaneous measurements around two orthogonal rotational axes. Two channels are required to measure output, one for each axis. Specifications / App Note